What We Learn from Management Coaching

This entry was posted on Friday, December 19th, 2008

Management Coaching is a way of empowering subordinates to accomplish more by creating a culture of responsibility. It involves a distinct attitude towards viewing relationships in the organization. Management Coaching is also a tool to bring about organizational change. This transition is necessary for an organization to adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace. Managers desperately need coaching to communicate with their employees and take their organization to new levels of success in order to discover the hidden potential of managers, management coaching is indispensable. Managers also get an honest feedback from their coach and are able to streamline their performance accordingly.

Prerequisites of Management Coaching

  • Identification of goals to be achieved – The manager needs to ascertain his goals before hiring a management coach. These goals should stress on the individual potential of the manager and help him to develop a better working relationship with his subordinates.
  • Developing a positive attitude towards coaching – The manager should prepare himself mentally and develop a sense of commitment towards achieving his goals. He should be ready to face the unbiased and candid feedback of the coach. Taking an objective look at his priorities, passions, talents and obstacles will help him gain new heights. He should be ready to take positive action in order to bring about a transition in himself. He should also consider himself important enough to invest in management coaching.
  • Choosing a suitable coach – It is imperative to select the right coach to whom the manager connects easily. The feeling of trust and respect for the coach is critically essential before proceeding with coaching. Attending coaching classes with a few coaches before selecting the correct one is the right way. This will give an idea of the style used by the coaches. The coach should be professional and focus his efforts and energies on the client in the best possible way. He should be suitably experienced in the business and have an impeccable character. Inspiring trust and confidence in the client will go a long way in motivating him.

What We Learn From Management Coaching

  • Engage in conversation – The best way to build strong relationships with the staff is by inquiring and showing a sense of concern over crucial problems. It is not advisable to keep quiet and expect them to come over with their problems.
  • Make time for subordinates – Management coaching insists on the manager finding the time to talk with his staff. There is no use in waiting for the ideal time to talk or delay the procedure. It is vital to explore situations and find solutions to problems before they get blown out of proportion.
  • Be selective in giving solutions – Managers should be selective in choosing issues to talk about. Flooding the people with solutions on different problems is not advisable. Giving quality solutions to one or two difficult problems will help people to deal with them correctly. Management coaching teaches to tackle a few problems at a time rather than to wait for them to build up unnecessarily.
  • Do not talk unnecessarily – Managers must talk in a comprehensive manner about the matter on hand. Venting frustration by accusing and lecturing will not prove their expertise. Planning and rehearsing before speaking is the right way to deal with problems according to management coaching.
  • Find out what the subordinates have to offer – Management coaching advocates the manager to guide rather than dictate. He should first enquire if the people have any solutions before prescribing his own. This will instill ownership in them and help them to perform better.
  • Do not be defensive – It is important for managers to be candid about their own contributions, instead of finding faults with others. Management coaching overcomes the phenomena of self-serving bias and promotes feedback from others.

It is an asset to cultivate relationships and help the organization flourish. Management Coaching thus brings personal satisfaction and gives a competitive advantage.

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